What Do I Do Now? Vol. 1 - Free Download

What Do I Do Now? Vol. 1 - Free Download

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A message from The Faim

Being in a touring band, we’re fortunate enough to visit so many different places around the world, making a lifetime of fond memories. Through all the experiences we’ve had, the shows we’ve played, and the people we’ve met, Mac Praed has been documenting it all every step of the way. This photo book is like a time capsule of the last year and a half and reminds us of so many great times that we would have otherwise forgot. Mac’s done a killer job sorting through thousands upon thousands of photos to compile this massive catalogue, so we hope you enjoy it and give your support to this hard working dude!


A message from Mac Praed - The Faim Photographer

What started as a trawl through my back catalogue of photos of The Faim for my portfolio became a lot more than that- I decided that I should create a downloadable archive for anyone interested. I hope it brings back as many memories for all those who view it as it did for me.
Due to the widespread financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this content is provided with no obligation to pay for it, all that I ask is that it isn’t sold on or redistributed for profit. However, if you feel like donating whatever you like to my PayPal, i’ll gratefully accept.


There are two versions to choose from: one uncompressed, and a smaller compressed version. For quality and laptop viewing, I recommend the uncompressed version, and for mobile viewing the compressed version is recommended. For the best viewing experience, use adobe acrobat, which is available for free for both mobile and pc.

Please note: the uncompressed version is almost 1gb, so please make sure not to use mobile data! 


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